Doer – You are at Work and You can use some Support

As a doer you are are at work and there is much to do. Stress through deadlines and disagreements in the team and the after work beer has to wait. In order to support you in your projects and tasks, I offer you coaching and the teaching of efficient methods. So that you can pursue your goals in your midst and feel the flow in the word workflow.

My Mantra: Relaxed & Efficient

I am self-employed for many years and have worked at universities, corporations, small teams and large teams. I have learned the best tools for relaxation and the increase of efficiency and if there was non, I developed them myself. I want to support you with my experience and expertise to be happy and relaxed at work to make your best work possible.

Career Coaching: How does it work?

Recognize yourself, and align your life to who you really are - that makes you happy. To understand your Personality-type is a big step to do this. I use the most used Personality-Assessment tool in Business Coaching for that: The MBTI. I also support you in finding out which stories you tell about yourself and how you develop a better self-confidence to write your personal success story. Doing what you love and love what you do is a form of appreciation and self-love. Efficiency and success follow it, not the other way around.
This is about your WHY. Your WHY is what really drives you. Get clear on what is important to you and you will find out what drives you. Develop your personal compass of values so that you know what is important for a fulfilling life for you. Remember, it is your life, not that of your parents or others. Sometimes we forget that. That's why it's so important to find out what really matters to you and what you really want.
Yes, you can! I know you are smart. But what exactly are you good at and how do you communicate your strengths? Simple, authentic and self-confident, that's the way it should be. Recognize and connect with your strengths and then go out into the world and use them.
Now write your own Action-Plan. With all the insights about you, it will be easy for you to define a goal and focus on it. Go relaxed and efficient towards your career!
5Jahre Erfahrung
560Stunden Coaching
10Lachen pro Session

Shift your Career to the next Level

After a few years at the job, you know what you do not want. You are tired of boring work. You know that you will not grow old here or at least not like this. Something has to change. Take the chance, recognize what you really want and create a new reality worth living in.



Finde heraus was dir wichtig ist und richte Dein Leben danach aus.

Entfalte Dein Potential

Räume Hindernisse aus dem Weg und erreiche Ziele.

Veränderung ermöglichen

Werde mit Deinen Ängsten fertig, fokussiere dich auf deine Vision und ändere dein Verhalten.

Finde Balance

Erkenne und entspanne Dich, lebe im Einklang mit Dir und Deiner Umwelt.


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