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After a few years at the job, you know what you do not want. You are tired of boring work. You know that you will not grow old here or at least not like this. Something has to change. Take the chance, recognize what you really want and create a new reality worth living in.

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Career Coaching: How does it work?

Recognize yourself, and align your life to who you really are - that makes you happy. To understand your Personality-type is a big step to do this. I use the most used Personality-Assessment tool in Business Coaching for that: The MBTI. I also support you in finding out which stories you tell about yourself and how you develop a better self-confidence to write your personal success story. Doing what you love and love what you do is a form of appreciation and self-love. Efficiency and success follow it, not the other way around.
This is about your WHY. Your WHY is what really drives you. Get clear on what is important to you and you will find out what drives you. Develop your personal compass of values so that you know what is important for a fulfilling life for you. Remember, it is your life, not that of your parents or others. Sometimes we forget that. That's why it's so important to find out what really matters to you and what you really want.
Yes, you can! I know you are smart. But what exactly are you good at and how do you communicate your strengths? Simple, authentic and self-confident, that's the way it should be. Recognize and connect with your strengths and then go out into the world and use them.
Now write your own Action-Plan. With all the insights about you, it will be easy for you to define a goal and focus on it. Go relaxed and efficient towards your career!

In Career Transition:

  • I do not know what I want
  • I do not trust myself
  • I am "stuck in my job"
  • I have self-doubt: what's next?
  • Should I stay in the job longer - just for the CV?
  • I do what you ask me to do instead of what I really want
  • I doubt: Can I really earn real money with my passion?

Career Coaching supports you to

  • Identify your strengths
  • Make the decisive change
  • Trust your intuition and make the right decisions for you
  • To bring you into your energy and to enjoy the success
  • To turn your self-doubt into self-confidence
  • To do what you really want
  • To go your way

Should I quit my Job?

When you ask yourself that question, first take a deep breath and feel inside yourself: What is it that leads you to this question? Often the work is simply no fun anymore. The motivation sinks, excessive demands, boredom or bad working climate are possible causes for the desire to change jobs because we all want one thing: to be happy and satisfied. But....

How can I be happy?

Being happy is not always a matter of external circumstances and yet they are important. I say: whoever gets to know himself, who knows what he needs to be happy, and can make sure that this comes into his or her life. Get to know yourself, find out what motivates you and makes you happy. I can guide you on this expedition inside. Maybe then you realize that you do not want a new job and that only a few changes in your current employment relationship are necessary to be happy. Maybe you feel like me then and you want to make you independent, your own boss. Maybe travel and live as a digital nomad. But...

How to start my own business?

Standing on your own two feet, being independent. No boss, who annoys and works with people who are having fun with it and want to try something new. Play table tennis in-between in the co-working space. Free time management and work on the beach. This is what my life looks like. But not always, because it's also challenging: how do I handle the fear of failure? How do I create a business plan and how do I deal with financial uncertainty? What do I offer my customers as a value contribution? Who are my partners? What is my business model? So that you can answer these questions and many more in peace and for you harmoniously, I lead you to the depths of your heart to find clarity, whether the self-employment is right for you now, and how you go your next steps there. 

How can I find a job that suits me?

Or is it another job you are looking for? Or let me say provocatively, that you "create"! For the moment we think, we begin to create. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this. They say, "I can not find a job that suits me." Then I say, "Find out who you are, what you need, what you can do." Then see what you want to do and how you can help others with your skills and how you can then create with full energy. And maybe your next job is your dream job. But if not ...

How do I find the Job of my dreams?

Tell me what you are dreaming about and I will help you with the implementation. So you create your dream job and he will come alive through you.  

To find your Dream Job you have to answer these questions for yourself:

  • HOW you want to live and work? – This is about the process. Be in Integrity with that. 
  • WHAT do you want to create? – This is about the outcome. Be clear about your intentions. 
  • WHY are you  here in this world - now? – This is about your purpose. Find and understand it.   

Having clarity on these questions is key to get closer to your Dream Job. One more thing: Never forget that it is all a process. In western cultures we tend to look for goals all the time. Be careful to not get trapped in this duality. It´s important to have goals for orientation, but it´s also important to be present now, because you live now. Let´s talk about it.  

How to start your Careertransition?

It helps to sit down in peace and to collect. A weekend in nature, a conversation with a good friend. To find out which urgent things need to be done and how you can take time for you at the same time, I offer you a conversation. Contact me and we will find an appointment - fast and easy.

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