NIV NOW: Courage and confidence for a happier version of you


Create a career that connects with your passion. A career that brings you joy and a healthy work and life relationship. A challenge that is easier said than done. Such a change asks courage and confidence.  

As a Coach I am here to guide you on your journey within. I will help you find your courage and I will offer you the confidence that a change can happen. Together we will explore your full potential and connect your mind to your heart for creating a life driven by passion and purpose. I am Niv, and I am here to help you Live Now.


Who is the one that guides you? Who is responsible for your actions… and who makes you happy or makes you cry? The answer is: YOU.

You look in the mirror everyday and what do you see? Do you see the powerful creator that has magic powers and is overflowing with love? Do you see the beauty of that amazing human being that is standing in front of you? If not, I have an idea why that is.

We live in a society that does not always focus on love and support. We are blasted with advertisements that lead us to doubt ourselves. We have leaders that are often using outdated leadership technique. Our schools are from yesterday. The paradigm shift has arrived, yet we are residing in yesterday. We are in the hustle, in the “I am alone, I have to perform, I have to compete and I am not worth it” game”.

Take action NOW. Take action to change your world and how you see it. To recreate you have to look and travel within, it is an inside job. This is all about you, because you create your reality, your perception, your thoughts and your stories. Ghandi is a great teacher, right? He mentioned it back then: Be the change you want to see in the world.


Niv NOW: Supports you to

  • create a Career you love
  • Feel happy, alive and free in your career
  • deal with conflicts constructively
  • take important decisions
  • Lead with Courage
  • define goals and realize them

You have been working in the system and have realized that you want to change, to feel alive, be happier. You want to have  a higher impact on society. You want to change your career but know exactly how.

You suffer from missing a purpose and connection. You want to connect to your  true purpose. You don't fully trust yourself yet, but already feel the urge to change. You want courage to change, inspiration, step stones.

You are in a professional position where you need to be more aware of yourself and learn to use professional tools quick. You want to better you communication, leadership and leadership skills


In addition to my real life experiences here is a record of my education and career experiences that I will integrate as I support you:


  • University Degree: Communication-Science, Politics, Sociology (M.A. at Münster University – Germany)
  • Education as Business Coach at Coaching Center Berlin (International Coaching Association certified)
  • Further Education Personality Psychology (certified MBTI Step I+Step II practitioner (OPP-AMT Germany)
  • Education as NLP-Practitioner (DVNLP certified)
  • Experiences:Projectmgmt in Europe, Asia, West- and Eastafrica
  • Experiences in Marketing, PR at Independent Business’, Corporations and Universities
  • Education on the Job as Mediadesigner (IHK – Germany)
  • Long term Self employment in Training, Coaching and Consulting
  • Building up a Non-Profit Organisation, Second Chairman and Lead in Communications (Weitblick)
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.
  • International Experience: Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa















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